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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ode to Marble

I wrote this for Amsum & Ash, a countertop company. I hope they like it.

Sweet marble. You are the saddest stone. Your icy-soft purity beckons us to watch. You resist time in a way we cannot. You harden, grow colder, but never coarser. You  last a thousand lifetimes, while we will die all too fast. Under the mountain sky your rest is soft. You are resilient and perfect for daily use. To counter you is to appreciate you, use you. Marble countertop, you are strong.

Before you were quarried, to how many storms were you witness? Aching-hot days? You felt nothing, you simply were. In the kitchen how many spills can you withstand, you luxurious stone, ancient and weathered with your dark veins of prescience?

How base of you to discount desire, temptation! Would you trade your centuries of plenitude for one of our chance-filled lifetimes? Would you understand love if you could? Alas, you are stone ideal for the bathroom vanity. You counter our concupiscence, and give us firm ground on which to lean. And I have not a qualm against you for it, dear marble. Should I have chosen one of the granite varieties, I'd be no happier. i surround myself with tokens of immortality; it reduces my arrogance and humbles my being.

-Daniel Adler

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