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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Chicago Mayoral Election in Post Postmodernism

Trending, I'm going to write a book with Tweets and Facebook status updates. And a dream chapter.

So Rahm Emanuel is going to win the Chicago mayoral election, which is cool. Chicago's mayor is a big deal because Chicago is one of our finest cities. There is always the possibility though, that Houston has grown so much that it is now the 3rd largest city in the country, which would be sad. But I like Rahm because he wears Timberland boots when campaigning, in the same distinct post postmodern fashion as Obama's open shirt collar (yo, I'm a boss, and I'm bucking convention). By the way, did anyone else know Emanuel is a Jew? which would make him Chicago's first Jewish mayor. And it will mark an end to the Daley reign, which is a good thing, because as Americans we just don't like that aristocratic noise of transferring power within families.

I'm just reading at the cafe, writing, trying to make my book more intimate, like you reading it are my confidant/e, O my brothers.Wanted a break, that's all. Back to work.

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