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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Color Theory, By Daniel Adler

    He looked like a turtle. Through the square framed glasses that rested on his chubby cheeks, he blinked slowly. His wide body and enormous back resembled a shell. And his favorite color was green, which made sense, according to my color theory.
Everyone has a favorite color. It happens back in pre-school, when everyone learns the the spectrum. Sure, maybe there are a couple of them that appeal to you now. But there's one you always really loved. Mine is red. Yours is probably blue. Buckley's was green - quirky, realistic, and intelligent.
When I went into his apartment and sheepishly greeted his mother, who looked if anything like a bird rather than a reptile, I was very queer. Parents made me uncomfortable as a child, especially fathers who came home in suits after selling bonds all day. Although they were welcoming and kind in the way parents of friends are when you are in their home, I couldn't help but compare them to the way my father came home in faded blue jeans and a toolbelt, and how much warmer and fluid my mother was than the avian woman with pearls.        

-Hot Love on the Wing, Daniel Adler

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