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Monday, March 15, 2010

Postmodernism Between The Ancients

Scene: Heraclitus and his wife in a supermarket deciding on tomorrow's dinner. 

He: Plotting is living. It is the driving force behind human consciousness, the advancement of the individual, the state, the world. How can we bear death without organizing life's events? 

She: What is a life only of events? 

He: Without a plan, empty chaos, undeserving of death's culmination.

She: Meanwhile, time flows and your plots are oars in the river. Friendship, love, enmity, it all drifts away from you before you see it. 

He: The plots help us for when the time comes to square up against fate. 

She: If you let it carry you, you could see more landscape. 

He: We would get lost. When we fail, the challenge of structure is satisfying in itself.

She: You said it, we fail. What's the point of planning for failure? 

He: Failure is certain. Life is uncertain. What's the point at all?

She: That's exactly it. None. 

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