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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter in Post Postmodernism

Can you feel the winter? It’s approaching and everyone knows it. I’m a big believer in the idea our lives are governed by the seasons. After all, it was the determining factor in how our ancestors lived and farmed. That’s why we feel like we have so much to do during the spring, during the sowing, and right now, before it gets really cold, everyone gets a little crazy preparing for the holidays (the reap). Black Friday, for example, is a circuitous proof of this point.

I’m actually kind of afraid of winter this year. I dread January’s bleak nights. The cold wind will be bitter on the industrial truck route I take to work before I start to sweat. But in the darkness of the evenings, and my reluctance to leave my apartment, I will write prodigiously.

But I’m also excited and somewhat anxious about 2011, that weird odd year when we become more comfortable in this decade and get a little closer to the end of the world. Don’t expect any major breakthroughs next year; I bet it will be a year of expectation. Scoff, do you? The cultural unconscious is a powerful thing.

Daniel Adler

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