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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daniel Adler's Blog is Too Pretentious

 Recently people have been calling Daniel Adler's blog pretentious, which I, and I’m sure you too, dear reader, have trouble believing. This vastly overused word needs some clarification.

It has two primary definitions. The first is: making claim to distinction or importance, esp. undeservedly. I know that I know nothing. I am not published. I am a fledgling artist working on a book, like millions of other people out there. I am especially unimportant. So although I hope to be great one day, a hope that is necessary for any writer to rise from the muck, I try to keep my blog free of the tone of pretension. I’m sorry if it sometimes seeps through.

The second definition is: having or creating a deceptive outer appearance of great worth; ostentatious. This blog layout is relatively simple. It is worth only what you take from it. Comments about how I use an RSS feed to generate traffic from facebook to my blog, and my linking to my website as pretentious are not worthy, because those are simply good SEO practices and do not stem from an ulterior motive of ostentation. An internet presence is important if I want to be read, especially by more than just an online audience, no offense. It is not pretension.

In any case, my friends, any feeback is good feedback, so please, keep it coming. Btw, the meta-ness of this blog, and my usage of the word meta, is kind of pretentious.

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