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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food in Daniel Adler's Kustlerroman

  It's incredible how food can show love and reveal a person’s character. “Oh you don't eat meat?” We probably won't be good friends. It's nothing personal against vegetarians or vegans, but it's a major difference in paradigm. How when we have canines made for ripping into meat can you shun it as if it's unnatural? I'm sure you have a good answer. But better yet, how can we enjoy a meal together when you are eating a meal without the weight, the chutzpah of mine?  Give me a meat-eating, spicy food loving girl any day of the week. She's adventurous, likes a bit of pain, and knows about tolerance.

Being lactose intolerant or having celiac disease I could probably forgive, but I'd still look at you a little funny. When people are picky though, that's when I know that we can't be friends. Once I went out with a girl who said she didn't like eggs. You don't like eggs? Then how are you going to make them for me in the morning?  After our first date I walked her home, and knew that this would never materialize, even though I stayed with her for more than two months. I should have listened to my gut. Always listen to your gut.

Personally I'm not a fan of celery. But recently it's been growing on me. In dips or soups, you know. I'll eat anything because I'm adventurous and I like different flavors, consistencies, textures. People bond over food, and rightly so. What else can you ingest and release? Drinks, check. Smoke, check. That's it.

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