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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Metamodernism in Literature

My friend Thomas Gibney knows the meaning of post postmodernism. He's living in Hong Kong right now, and has just launched his website. He has written four short stories that allow you, the reader, to guide him to the story's ends.

This example of avant-garde art, especially the interactivity, is what our moment is all about. The internet allows us to access a much vaster amount of information than we ever previously have. Not to make our moment sound so important, but it shares many similarities to the time when the printing press changed the world. The repercussions from this groundswell are just beginning to be felt, mostly in the business world (Facebook's alignment with Goldman Sachs) but also in the poliltical arena (the Obama grassroots youth movement that helped him win office two years ago).

We are all so preoccupied with updates and ways to stay connected that literature has inevitably begun to feel it too. The blog, for one, is a great example. The best blogs are pitstops on the internet highway. Jump here, answer some idiot's response about global warming; go here, drop a link to this funny site you found; retweet it and like it on Facebook, check out your friend's post of a viral video, etc.

So the metamodernism is everywhere. Thomas' work is a good way to understand it.

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