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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daniel Adler's Room in Post Postmodernism

So remember Christmas in Post Postmodernism? I'm getting a $40 gift certificate for pretty much anything I need.

I need a dresser. The two small endtables I have in my room in which I store my undergarments are literally overflowing with clothing, especially after having visited my Uncle Jacques and receiving a number of cashmere items.

So I'm going to get a dresser. This will be good for a couple of reasons. 1. It will organize my clothing and 2. it will prevent me from owning another pair of shoes (boat). In the meanwhile, boxers pile high on top of my open drawers, and turtlenecks are drowning under t-shirts and sweaters.

I'll also be able to store more books on top of my new dresser, which will be a boon. I'm starting Thomas Wolfe's (not to be confused with the asshole in white pants) Look Homeward, Angel. It is a serious American bildungsroman that takes place in North Carolina and Harvard. You can look forward to many posts about post postmodernist examples from this book.

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