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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Hangover

When you put your head down it's like falling into a deep cave. You tumble and fall and you are out of control. You sleep, wake up with dry throat. Go to the refrigerator, chug milk. It is cold and lubricating.

Sleep more, my pretty. You wake up and smell the alcohol coming from your pores, feel it hang in bags under your eyes. In your head a blacksmith hammers on his forge. You will take a Tylenol to feel better. Make the coffee, drink it fast. Yea, you're feeling better.

Relax. Last night you were so mighty, so powerful, happy. Now you're reduced to ashes. Be good to yourself today because you're bad in yourself from last night.

Today will be a good day to recline. A big greasy breakfast, yes that will rejuvenate you. Your urine lightens as you rehydrate, good, good. You are becoming healthy again. And by dinner time you're fine! The Chinese food really did the trick. That was great. Let's have a beer.

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