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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Meaning of September: Post Postmodernism and Change

September is the most popular birthday month. Surprised? You shoudn’t be. During those cold winter holidays, everyone couples up and huddles close.
Anyway, with all these babies being born, school starting again, and the beginning of the end of the year, you may feel that vague fear that comes before impending change, especially if you’re having a baby.
That’s the beginning of a post I wrote for Net Kids Wear. The best thing about my job is the free association and philosophizing. Like most writers, I incorporate my own sentiments into a translated version of what I’m paid for. Just before Little Matthew arrived, I often felt that vague fear – like I’m overlooking a precipitous drop. Not that the vertiginous view is  negative, it just happens that when you try to look into the future, you begin to get a little woozy. Better to just let it wash over you.  
So I’ll continue to let you know how this change affects the life of Daniel Adler, in a very post postmodern (bloggy) way. In the meanwhile, read some high literature, view some avant garde art, and watch the seasons change.

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