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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Going to London, Classic Literature, Etc.

Richard III, ugliest of British Kings.
Reinvest in yourself I like to say. So I bought this trip to London and tomorrow I'm leaving. In the meanwhile I've been trying to learn as much as possible about this quondam world capital, from the history of Robin Hood to Richard III, and everything in between. Late medieval English history is fascinating, especially because it is so neglected. My preparations wouldn't be complete without some classic literature so I'm reading Shakespeare's Richard III, of which I'll give you a quick coffee high history.

So there's the Lancastrian line and the York line and they're both descendants of Edward III, the famous Plantagenet, who's like the big King of the 14th century. And his spawn gets all the way through the Hundred Years War and then there's Edward IV who comes after Henry VI, who Shakespeare wrote three plays about. And Richard III was really disliked by Elizabethan England cuz he's a bad guy who murders his eloquent brothers Clarence and Edward IV. And Edward has this 12 year old son who's about to assume the throne, but Rich is like hold up, you're actually a bastard and your mom's not good enough to make you king and all his supporters are like hear hear and then he rules for two years before dying in battle on English soil (the only Brit-king to do so and the last to die in battle). Thus the tragedy.

So I'll be blogging from Londontown and if any of you have tips or want me to mention anything specifically just shout.

-Preparing for travel,
Daniel Adler

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