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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's My Birthday and I'll Party If I Want To.

Daniel Adler : 21st Bday Pic.
I know some of you may be resentful of people like me, but I get what I want on my birthday. Not presents. I don't care anymore about material shit like that. But little things, like the music on the radio. What kind of wine we're having for dinner, etc.

I share the president's birthday, which is cool, because when I'm famous, Aug. 4th will be a birthday associated with great men.

And now that I'm 22, I'll be able to press on in life, and as a writer. When you're 21, you go into the bar and you're the youngest person there. People can still call you a baby. Same goes with 22, but for one, it's even; you feel a little more grounded during even years. And secondly, you' re a little bit older, closer to being at an age when you can make a splash. That means that you can expect more from my work, since I'm not a baby, and I have the extra experience that a year brings.

Anyway, I appreciate you following my thoughts on post postmodernism,  avant garde art, and high literature, and I look forward to getting better. Till next time.

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